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Loan Against Stock

Kotak Stock Ace lets you capitalize on your investments by providing liquidity against your investments in marketable securities like equity shares, mutual funds, bonds and insurance policies and more through an overdraft facility.

Feature & benefit
Kotak Mahindra Bank offers the most competitive interest rates for the Stock Ace accounts
Instant Liquidity – Avail overdraft facility against your investments in equity shares, mutual funds & other investments
Interest for Overdraft facility is charged only on utilized funds
Complete online access to funds for banking and investment ease
Varying tenure from 1-36 months and renewable yearly
Overdraft is offered against equity shares, mutual fund units and any other investment which are part of our approved list of securities. Lending is done only against
Dematerialized securities.
Multi-city banking and 24/7 free Phone Banking
Debit Card Access to the entire ATM network
SMS Alerts Service and more

stock Ace Account Opening Documents & KYC Documents
Copy of the last 2 years Income Tax Returns
3 months Bank Statement (Primary Bank Account)*
Latest Demat Account Statement
Client Master List for the Demat account

I have a single scrip in my portfolio; can I get limits against only one scrip?
Yes. You can avail of limits by pledging the single scrip, if it is part of our approved list of scrips.

Is my overdraft limit fixed?
Your portfolio is valued periodically, and your overdraft limit varies, depending on the market rate of the shares you have pledged. You may at any time choose to increase your overdraft limit by pledging more shares, or decrease it by withdrawing them (within the permissible limits).

How frequently do you revalue my portfolio?
We revalue your portfolio on a weekly basis. Additionally, in the event of a sharp fall in the market prices, we conduct an interim revaluation

Can the bank inform me about my latest limit by e-mail / SMS alerts?
The Bank has an e-mail alert and SMS alert facility whereby we intimate the latest limit as and when it changes due to revaluation of prices or lodgment / withdrawal of shares.

I do not have a Demat Account with Kotak Bank. Can I still avail of your facility?
Yes. You can pledge shares held with any Depository Participant in NSDL or CDSL, with your respective Depository Participants.

Whose shares can I pledge?
You can pledge your own shares, or those of your blood relatives (parents, spouse, children, and blood siblings only) above 18 years of age.

in whose name would the shares be held?
Your shares remain in your own name while you reap the benefits of your portfolio. This means, you can continue to enjoy all your shareholder benefits such as rights, dividends and bonuses, while enjoying the additional liquidity

How do I receive the overdraft amount?
We require you to open a Current Account in your name into which we will create an overdraft limit. Your overdraft limit will depend on the quantity and value of the securities you have pledged with us

What are the other benefits that I can get from my Overdraft Account?
Your Stock Ace Account comes equipped with all the benefits associated with Kotak Mahindra Bank's current account such as Phone Banking, Net Banking, Bill Pay, Debit Card, ATM facilities, etc.

How much do I pay?
Interest rates at Kotak Bank are the most competitive. You only pay interest on the amount of the overdraft that you use, and for the time you use it. Interest is debited to your account at the end of each month.

How do I pay the interest accumulating in my account every month?
With reference to RBI guidelines vide BOD.NO.BP.BC.10/21.04.048/2004, please note that interest debited in your overdraft account has to be serviced at monthly intervals or at such intervals as may be applicable from time to time, by way of credits into your overdraft account.

Who can apply for the Stock Ace facility?
Only Resident Individuals can apply for the Stock Ace facility. Other entities are specifically not eligible to apply

What are the minimum and maximum loan amounts?
You are given a drawing power up to 50% of the value of the shares. Minimum loan amount is Rs. 5 lakhs. Maximum loan amount isRs. 20 lakhs. The loan is applicable for a year and renewable at the end of each year

What are the loan tenure options?
The initial tenure is for a year. At the end of the year, the client is required to renew the facility with simple documentation.

What are the charges on my Stock Ace Account, apart from the Interest on the overdraft?
There is a nominal processing fee which is charged at the rate of 0.5% of your loan amount.

What are the documents that I need to submit?
Complete KYC documentation, along with completed Account Opening Form
Completed Agreement and Loan Facility documentation
Please refer to your nearest branch for the complete list of documentation

How do I apply for the Kotak Stock Ace Account?
You can approach us in any of the following ways:
Call us at our Customer Contact Centre at 1800 11 6022 – North India & 1800 22 6022 – Rest of India
Write to us at stockace@kotak.com
You can just walk into your nearest branch and ask about the facility.

What security/ collateral do I have to provide? No additional security/ collateral need to be provided, apart from the securities against which the loan is granted. How do I get to know my Credit Limits? You can call our Customer Contact Centre to know the status of your account, details of the securities pledged, amount obtained against different securities, details of shortfall (if any), etc

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