About Us

Indiabulls Housing Finance Limited (IBHFL) is India's second largest private sector housing finance company. We have fulfilled the dreams and aspirations of over 6 lakh happy households with our customer-centric finance solutions.

Our Expertise
• Over 6 lakh satisfied clients
• First hand appraisal and tie-ups with over 5,500 residential projects
• Gross loan book of Rs. 42,000 Cr.

Our Goals
• Committed to helping people realize their dream of owning a home of their own
• Contribute towards a well organized housing finance sector and thus enable efficient channeling of financial resources to make housing finance available at reasonable and affordable rates

Our Network
• 209 well appointed and accessible branches in 100 towns and cities across India
• More than 4,000 dedicated and knowledgeable employees

Our Financial Strength
• Gross loan book of Rs. 42,000 Cr.
• Highest rating of AAA
• Best capitalised amongst peers with a capital adequacy ratio of 19.1%

indiabulls Housing Finance Limited
With effect from 1st December, 2013 onwards, LFRR is 18.75%
With effect from 1st December 2013 onwards, FRR is 17.50%
maximum loan
80% of the cost of the property (including the cost of the land) and based on the repayment
capacity of the customer for loans beyond 20 lacs. We offer upto 85% of the cost of the property
if your loan requirement is upto 20 lacs
• maximum term
20 years subject to your retirement age.
• applicant and co-applicant to the loan
Home Loans can be applied for either individually or jointly. Proposed owners of the property,
will have to be co-applicants. However, the co-applicants need not be co-owners.
• adjustable interest rate home loan
Loan under Adjustable Interest Rate is linked to benchmark rates of IHFL. The rate on your loan may be revised from the following month, if there is a change in the benchmark rate of IHFL.
However, the EMI on the home loan disbursed will not change*. If the interest rate increases, the interest component in an EMI will increase and the principal component will reduce resulting in an extension of term of the loan, and vice versa when the interest rate decreases.
* Conditions Apply•

• Purchase of Flat, row house, bungalow from developers, existing freehold properties, properties in an existing co-operative housing society or apartment owner's association • Construction of residential dwelling unit on a plot already owned.
• Purchase of residential plot and / or construction thereon
• Extension of existing residential property (adding floors, new rooms)
• Renovation of existing residential property

Interest Rate
Variable rates
Loan Amount Variable rates%
Fixed n floating
Loan Amount Fixed Rate Tenor         Rates
After the completion of Fixed Rate Tenor, the rate of interest applicable on loan will be the prevailing Variable Rate Of Interest basis the Margin adjusted to Reference Rates at the time of loan agreement execution.
Processing Fee
Upto and including Rs 10 lacs Rs 5000
Rs 10.01 Lacs to Rs 25 lacs Rs 7500
Over Rs 25 Lacs 0.50% to 1.00%

Advantage -
The above rates are subject to change without prior notice

Home loans come with a dual advantage, tax benefits and rent saving. Both these elements contribute towards EMI outflow. Appreciation in the property value is an additional bonus. We ensure that our customers get maximum benefits through their home loans.
Here is a list of benefits that you can avail when you take an Indiabulls home loan:
• Approval of loan even if property is yet to be selected
• Online access of Loan account
• Funding available for NRI customers
• Facility for funding for builder’s under construction and ready properties
• Experienced staff to provide doorstep services
• Quick processing and disbursal of loans

Tax benefit-The income tax authorities offer certain benefits and exemptions to individuals who have taken a housing loan from specified financial institutions.
Section 24 of the Income Tax Act
Interest paid on capital borrowed for the acquisition, construction, repair, renewal or reconstruction of property is entitled to a deduction. Rs 1,50,000 is the maximum amount eligible for deduction in the case of self-occupied property and for rented out property there is no limit of amount of deduction.
Section 80C of the Income Tax Act.
You can get a maximum Rs.1,00,000 deduction from the Income, on repayment of principal during a financial year. Stamp duty, registration fee or other such expenses paid for the purpose of transfer of such house property to the assessee is also considered under this amount.

Fees & charge-
Legal Opinion Charges, SRO Search Charges,
ROC Search Charges, Non-Encumbrance
Certificate from SRO charges
NIL, included in the Processing fee
Transaction Handling charges in Balance Transfer / Resale Home Loans Rs. 2500/-
Technical Valuation charges NIL, included in the Processing fee
PDC / ECS Dishonour Charges Rs. 250/- (Home Loans)
Nil on Representation of ECS / PDC
Late Payment Charges 24% per Annum of Outstanding EMI
PDC/ECS Swapping charges NIL
Retrieval charges for Copies of loan /
property document in IB custody
Emailing of Scan Copies: NIL Physical copies with IB attestation: Rs 500/-
Charges for Statement Of Account / Amortization Schedule Rs.200/-
Registration Charges for Borrowers’ECS Mandate (loan repayment) NIL
Income Tax Certificate in Home Loans NIL
Charges for Certified True Copies of Title
Deeds from SRO, if applicable.
As per Actual
Stamping charges of loan Agreement Actual, subject to state laws-where fixed
charges irrespective ofloan amount:
provided by IB-where ad-valorem charges as
a function of loan amount: to be procured by borrower directly.
Stamping charges of other legal documents like Indemnity Bond, Legal Undertakings,Legal Affidavits, Personal Guarantee Bond, Power of Attorney for NRI Home Loans etc. As per Actual, subject to state laws-to be procured by borrower directly
Original property documents retrieval for specific activity like production at SRO or Development Authority (on borrower request) Rs. 5000/-
Database Admin Fee Rs 650/- (inclusive of service tax)

All applicable fees & charges are subject to levy of Service Tax + surcharge, if payable, is to be paid in addition to the fees/charges.
Home Loans (including plot purchase loans):
Wef : 10th Aug 2012
Floating Rate Loans AND Fixed n Floating (Dual Rate) Loans -
• All existing borrowers have an option to change the existing applicable spread to the prevailing applicable spread.
• In case of a fully disbursed loan, the switch fee payable to avail the conversion shall be 0.5% on the principal outstanding (POS).
• In case of a partly disbursed loan, the switch fee payable to avail the conversion shall be 0.5% on the principal outstanding (POS) only. There will be no switch fee payable on the undisbursed loan amount out of the total contracted loan.
• Where the total loan amount contracted is less than or equal to Rs 25 lacs, the switch fee payable shall be capped to a maximum of Rs 5000/-.
• Borrowers have the option to reduce his EMI keeping the residual tenor unchanged OR keep his EMI unchanged and thereby reducing his residual tenor. He can also opt for changing both the EMI and tenor within the band to suit his convenience.
• The reset of spread will be effective from the first day of the following calendar month from the date of switch.
• The facility is available only to regular paying borrower with nil EMI/PEMI bouncing under normal banking of ECS/PDC in the preceding six months from the date of application for switch.
• Service Tax as applicable on Switch Fees.
The above fees/charges are subject to change without prior notice

Prepayment charge-
Wef : 10th Aug 2012
Home Loans (other than Plot loans)
Floating Rate Loans -
• No prepayment fees shall be payable for partial or full pre-payments irrespective of the source.
Fixed n Floating (Dual Rate) Loans -
• No prepayment fees shall be payable for partial or full pre-payments irrespective of the source once the loan has been converted into Floating Interest loan post the expiry of the Fixed Interest Rate period.
• No prepayment fees shall be payable for partial or full pre-payments during the Fixed Interest Rate period of the loan where the loan is pre-closed from own sources. However, for any such partial or full prepayment from other than own sources during the Fixed Interest Rate period of the loan will attract prepayment fees of 2% of the amount prepaid. The expression "own sources" for this purpose would imply any source other than by borrowing from a Bank/HFC/NBFC and/or any Financial Institution.
• No prepayment fees shall be payable for partial or full prepayments irrespective of the source during the Initial 3 years from the date of last disbursement of the loan OR where the construction of dwelling unit is completed on the plot. Borrower is required to submit proof of completion of house construction as deemed appropriate by IBHFL where prepayment is after the initial 3 yrs from the date of last disbursement of the loan.
• Any partial or full prepayment AFTER the initial 3 years from the date of last disbursement AND ALSO where the construction of dwelling unit is not completed on the plot, will attract prepayment fees of 2% of the amount prepaid, unless the fees specifically mentioned in the borrowers’ loan agreement. • Where such loan has been transferred by way of buy-over from any other Bank/HFC, the initial period of 3 years to be treated from the date of last disbursement of the buy-over Bank/HFC.
Services Tax as applicable on pre-payment fees
Setting new benchmarks of excellence in customer service, IndiabullsHousing Finance Ltd, one of the fastest growing NBFCs in India, has recently announced its landmark scheme of offering home loans in 48 hrs. With this, Indiabulls Home Loans becomes one of the fastest Home Loan providers in India, delivering on its commitment to provide super efficient, low cost and speedy home loan solutions.
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This special scheme is available in about 140 towns and cities across India with door step loan service and legal and technical advisory to borrowers to identify and buy new homes as per their requirement, supported by pre-approved loans and customized EMI offerings by Indiabulls.
As our valued customer, you will enjoy key advantages such as:
o Dedicated relationship manager
o Priority service
o Upfront sharing on total loan eligibility.
o Array of vast pre-approved projects, hence spare yourself hassle of legal and technical issues.
o Updates on SMS on the file progress.
o Online access to your home loan account.
Indiabulls Home Loan in 48 hrs is subject to submission of complete documents at the time of file login.

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