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Who is NRI
An individual shall be deemed to be a non-resident in following cases:
1. When he stays in India for less than or upto 182 days during the preceding FINANCIAL year. The period of stay may not be ‘continuous’ and the same shall be calculated by adding up the days of his stay in India during that FINANCIAL year. Thus a student who goes for studies abroad and his stay in India during a financial year is less than 182 days, then he shall be treated as non-resident Indian for the next financial year. Similarly, tourists and all others who have gone out of India without the purpose of taking up employment or starting any business abroad, shall be treated as non-residents if, their stay in India during the preceding financial year was less than or upto 182 days.
2. when he goes or stays outside India for any of the following purposes:
• For or on taking up employment outside India, or
• For carrying on outside India a business or vocation outside India, or
• For any other purpose, in such circumstances as would indicate his intention to stay outside India for an uncertain period.

Who is PIO
A person of Indian origin' means an individual( not being a citizen of Pakistan or Bangladesh or Afganistan or China or Iran or Srilanka or Nepal or Bhutan)
• At any time held an Indian Passport.
• He or any of his parents or grand parents was a citizen of India by virtue of the constitution of india or citizen act 1955

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